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Press releases

Journalists are often submerged with press releases, so it is essential that anything sent out

should be both readable and relevant.  We will ensure that your story has the best possible

chance of being well-placed in the appropriate media.


Sending out email newsletters creates a bond between you and

the client because you can easily personalise the email. A

relationship forms between you and the client that will last a

long time.

Another advantage of email marketing is that when you send out

the newsletter and put a link to your website in it, all of a

sudden you are inviting your subscribers to visit your site.  We

can take over the entire process – concept, writing and

analyzing returns.

Business Communications

"See yourself as others see you" is always a good starting point when anything goes out

that represents your business.  The English language is full of idiomatic phrases and

particular means of expression. Our experience is at your disposal.

Voluntary Sector Support

Do you work for a charity or voluntary organization?  We have over 40 years experience in

the voluntary sector, whether your problem be promotional, organizational or fund raising,

we are in a unique position to support you.


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