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User and Administrator Guides

A good manual enables the user to understand the product in front of them, and how to use

it, regardless of position, technical knowledge or previous or experience. The secret of

writing a really good technical manual is knowing how to ask the right questions, how to

listen to the answers, and how to extract and present the information as clearly and

comprehensibly as possible.

Read-me notes

The Read-me notes are usually the one element of a

comprehensive documentation set guaranteed to have a

readership, and are therefore no less in need of clarity,

structure and good writing – all of which we can and will


Inline software messages and text

Much like website content, the messages that are displayed to a

user from within an application characterize the usability of a

product as well as representing the company. We offer extensive experience in this field,

and can ensure that your inline messaging is grammatically accurate and intuitive, so that

the user experience that you provide is second to none.


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